Log onto the website to place your order.  You will need to order shorts, a blue jersey, a white jersey and socks.  All payments are made to Elmwood Sports and they will contact you directly for pick up.  If you are unsure of your size, feel free to stop by Elmwood Sports ( Mon thru Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm) and ask for Matt and try on a sample.  After you order your uniform contact Jim Scacco at scacco4@hotmail.com and he will assign a number to your child.  Jim will contact Elmwood Sports on which number has been assigned to your child. 

2023 - 2024 Scituate Youth Soccer Association’s (SYSA) Competitive Soccer

DATES: November 2023 – June 2024

AGE GROUPS: U8 – U16 (exact age groups and teams based upon registrations/interest)

HOW TO REGISTER: Registration will be via the SYSA website – ScituateSoccer.net

***** Registration runs 09/25/23 through 10/15/23 For All Options Below ******

SYSA’s Full Competitive Soccer Program will provide:

· Two indoor league sessions expected (Session #1 November 2023- January 2024; Session #2 January - March 2024)

*Note: Wide World of Indoor Sports Individual’s membership pass is paid for by players/families ($10/player)

· The Super Liga – 2024 Spring league session and playoff games, if applicable

· All U12 through U16 teams will enter in the 2024 Soccer Rhode Island Cup, subject to coach’s decision

· All U8 through U10 teams will enter in the 2024 Soccer Rhode Island Soccer Festival

· Scheduled, professional training sessions during the spring league session starting in April 2024 for all players


Option #1

Full Competitive Program

U8-U16 $465: Indoor (2 sessions), Spring Season with Training

1st Payment upon Registration $155

2nd Payment December 1, 2023 $155

Final Payment February 1, 2024 $155

Option #2

Indoor Only – Two Sessions

U8-U16 $310 Two Sessions

1st Payment upon Registration $155

Final Payment December 1, 2023 $155

Option #3

Indoor Only – One Session Option (Session #1 or #2)

U8-U16 $155 for either Session

Payment upon Registration $155

Option #4

Spring Only

U8-U16 $155 Spring Season with Training

Payment upon Registration $155

*Note: Players may choose any of the four options listed above.

U19 teams can be sponsored by SYSA upon special request to SYSA or SYSA Competitive Coordinator, Julie Trikoulis.

Upon registration, players can purchase their uniforms from Elmwood Sports – contact our Uniform Coordinator, Jim Scacco at scacco4@hotmail.com to receive your player number, if you do not have one already. If you need a new shirt, socks or shorts please feel free to contact Elmwood Sports at 781-9113.

For further information or answers to any questions, please contact Competitive Coordinator, Julie Trikoulis at jtrikoulis@gmail.com.